Adventys develops, creates, manufactures and markets professional induction equipment for the food industry. The company is based in Burgundy, France, a place where food is culture.

One hundred percent of the creation and manufacturing process happens within its walls. The company values are improve, innovate and international.

X-OVEN presents a new generation of charcoal ovens for chefs who want to prepare gourmet food preserving its authenticity, taste and aroma while taking full advantage of a unique modern cooking system.

A new, versatile and efficient product line that offers enhanced comfort and safety, that serves chef’s creativity while ensuring rapid and healthy preparation of diverse high quality food.

Since 1973, OEM, thanks to constant research and close contact with pizzamakers, is one of the world’s leading specialized manufacturers of a complete range of pizza equipment. Its innovative products, in fact, follow the pizza chef at all stages of preparation, from the dough to the baking.

From a small pizza corner in a snack bar to the largest pizzeria, OEM has the perfect proposal for you and offers solutions for kitchen designers too. With our commitment and enthusiasm we act as a point of contact for the pizza maker, a research and development center, a focal point able to oversee his work at every stage of the process.

A constant commitment to quality, design and technological development has made AUREA a leader in food processing equipment recognized throughout Europe and the world. The wide variety of AUREA solutions facilitates and enriches kitchen work, perfectly responding to all kind of needs. In addition to its specialized equipment, AUREA offers a complete range of universal peelers in order to wash, centrifuge, brush, scrape and peel from 250 to 650 kg/h of clean product. AUREA machines are ideal for all foodservice enterprises, including restaurants and bars, hospitals and catering companies. They comply with all international safety and sanitation standards, from EC to HACCP.

ELOMA GMBH is a leading manufacturer of combi steamers and bake-off ovens for the professional field. The company’s philosophy, “100 per cent Made in Germany“ guarantees the highest quality in appliances as well as for all processes demanded from today’s kitchen. The company was founded in 1975 and joined Ali Group in 2007. ELOMA delivers to over 65 countries worldwide customers range from five star hotels, premium dining restaurants to petrol stations, trains, ships and even submarines. ELOMA offers a large selection of combi steamers and bake-off ovens (gas and electric) as well as a wide range of accessories such as condensation hoods, thermal cabinets, proofers and banqueting systems. ELOMA products guarantee optimal results, high efficiency and sustainable operation costs.



Certa Group Ltd is one of the leading providers of cooking equipment, logistics and servicing to the UK hospitality sector.

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